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In the period of time that we have been preparing people to pass the TOEFL® iBT and the IELTS®, Ames Acacemy has come to know some things as truths. Both tests are somewhat difficult to pass, but it is certainly possible for anyone to pass. This year there will be well over 20,000 healthcare workers worldwide that will have passed their English tests and obtained working visas to the USA. Be aware that the basic techniques they use are those very same basic techniques that are recommended by all test creators and other English language tests officials. – Ames Academy methods are proven. Many people have tried other preparation materials – many of those people have eventually come to us and passed. With our materials we prepare you in the proper manner with techniques recommended by all the major English test administrators. But, even if you do not use any TOEFL® iBT or IELTS® materials, you still must immerse yourself in English. There is no way around that. – Ames Academy has been helping people to pass English tests since 1996. Their methods work well and are guaranteed to raise your score if you follow them closely. – Ames Academy uses only the methods strongly suggested by the Educational Testing Service, the parent of the TOEFL® iBT. They follow their guidelines closely, to give you the most sound advice possible. – To pass these tests means you must develop your English speaking “skill”. Ames Academy coaches you in how to most effectively develop that “skill” and we totally avoid tricks and methods that skirt the line of cheating. They also offer tutoring and voice analysis – included in the basic price – which makes those services FREE! They also guarantee that you will pass or their support and updates continue free of charge! – All the major English language proficiency test administrators caution against “rehearsing” any answers whatsoever. If you have purchased materials that give you prepared answers, be fully aware that they are selling the same answers to each of their customers. If the raters hear any prepared answers they will reduce your score. They totally avoid those techniques that reduce scores.
Location: ESL Seminars (Philippine Office) P.O. Box 8272 Paranaque City Post Office Paranaque, Metro Manila 1700 PHILIPPINES Phone: 0918-413-0213

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