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Bridge Language Center

September 25, 2015 Category :Training Centers 0

The Bridge Language Center is the global leader in language studies, with years of experience in providing language and cultural programs for students, and corporate training for businesses from around the world. The Bridge is a pioneer language institution that aims to bring people closer to their goals through responsible and excellent teaching of language.

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Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom (PNA-UK)

June 24, 2015 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

The Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom (PNA-UK)is the only professional nursing organization of Filipino Nurses in the United Kingdom, temporarily accredited by the Philippine Nursing Association National Head Office in Manila, Philippines. The Philippine Nurses Association of United Kingdom (PNA-UK) is a non-profit professional Organization of Filipino Nurses currently in the United Kingdom. The […]

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Rewarding Opportunity in the UK for Filipino Nurses!

March 27, 2015 Category :Immigration Consultancy 2

NSN Worldwide prides itself on its impeccable international standards. They are a credible, caring andtruly affordable alternative. They offer a friendly personal service to help you study in the UK through an affordable, rewarding and life changing experience. NSN could be the key to improving your life. If you are a Nursing graduate, they can […]

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More Filipino Nurses Now Opting To Work in UK Than US

March 1, 2015 Category :Nursing News 1

More and more Filipino nurses are now opting to work in the United Kingdom than in the United States, according to local recruiters. Citing data from the UK Borders and Immigration Agency, recruitment leaders yesterday said that the number of Filipino nurses deployed to UK in the past three years has already surpassed those deployed […]

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A Career Nursing – Is it the Right Choice for You?

October 28, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 1

Are you contemplating on what to take up in college? Or are you one who is looking for a change in career? Are you considering of getting a nursing degree but you are having second thoughts if this is the right career for you? It is important that this fact is mentioned: nursing is not […]

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The Bridge Study Abroad And Internship Program

October 5, 2014 Category :Announcements 0

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Experience Living in the United Kingdom

May 31, 2014 Category :Immigration Consultancy 16

.. and witness the 2012 London Olympics The Queen’s Global Consultancy Assistance Services Inc. Nurses, Caregivers, Medtechs, Midwives, HRM, Teachers, ITs and other Paramedical / Business Courses

OGrady Peyton Philippines

March 26, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

O’Grady Peyton is an International recruitment agency that recruits nurses and allied health professionals from around the world for deployment across America. It also helps travel nurses find work opportunities abroad. However, unlike traditional Travel Nursing Agency that only handles short term assignments, O’Grady Peyton offers long-term nursing employment, permanent placement especially to nurses and […]

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How to be a Nurse in Italy

October 14, 2011 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles 3

Being a nurse has a lot of responsibilities. Taking good care for the patients needs a hundred percent focus and attention. The Filipino‚Äôs are known for being patience and hardworking when it comes to their responsibilities. Being a nurse as a profession entails a lot of experiences and seminars to attend to in order to […]

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Top 10 Jobs Abroad In The Next 5 Years

July 20, 2010 Category :Nursing News 1

Top 10 jobs in the UK, Canada, Australia and Singapore today and/or over the next five years United Kingdom 1 Data communications analyst Marketing officer Software engineer Medical administrator Community nurse Advertising executive Customer service assistant Information officer Administrator Engineer CANADA 2 Financial manager Skilled tradesperson 5 Community college or vocational school teacher Dentist or […]

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Pinoy Nurses Seeking US Jobs Fell By 1/3 in First Half

July 19, 2010 Category :Nursing News 0

The number of Pinoy nurses seeking to practice their profession in America fell by one-third in the first semester compared to a year ago, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) said in a news release over the weekend. TUCP secretary-general and former Senator Ernesto Herrera said only 5,553 Filipino nurses took the NCLEX […]

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May 24, 2010 Category :Immigration Consultancy 0

International Student Advisors (ISA) has been established to specifically cater for students wishing to study in the United Kingdom. They cater for Nurses, any allied medical courses and Non-Medical Courses Over 10 years ago, St Georges Overseas Recruitment Ltd was established to cater for Nurses and those with a medical-related background, predominantly in the Philippines […]

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O’Grady Peyton International

September 8, 2009 Category :Placement Agencies 4

O’Grady Peyton International is one of the most experienced and successful nurse recruitment companies in the industry. O’Grady Peyton International specialty is placement of nurses in the United States. For more than 20 years O’Grady Peyton has provided travel nursing jobs and long-term assignments to thousands of registered nurses from the U.S. and around the […]

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Nightingale Int’l Recruitment Agency Inc.

September 8, 2009 Category :Placement Agencies 2

Nightingale Int’l Recruitment Agency Inc.is a POEA-accredited & licensed recruitment agency in the Philippines, sending Filipino workers in the past five years to the United Kingdom and other countries. Nightingale Int’l Recruitment Agency Inc. wants to bring the Filipino worker to all the corners of the world. Location: NIGHTINGALE INT’L. RECRUITMENT AGENCY INC. Ground Floor, […]

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Northwest Placement

September 8, 2009 Category :Placement Agencies 2

NORTHWEST PLACEMENT, INC. (NWPI) is a placement company, licensed by the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE). It is one of the pioneers in the overseas contracting and employment industry in the Philippines. Organized in 1974, NWPI has grown today to be one of the top producers of the industry. In 1984, the Philippine […]

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