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Healing Scrubs

December 14, 2015 Category :Online Store 0

Nursing scrubs and medical uniforms that incorporate the principles of color therapy to bring positive healing energy to your workplace. No more blah blues and drab greens! Free downloadable e-book shows you how to choose the right color for your patients and coworkers. Sizes XXS-5XL. Cherokee quality at discount prices. The only way to choose […]

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Dubuis Health System

May 12, 2015 Category :Hospitals 0

Dubuis Health System provides management services to other long term acute care hospitals on a contractual basis. Management can include individual services such as Business Office functions or management of the entire hospital. Dubuis Health System provides assistance in determining the need for long term acute care services as well as the benefit of having […]

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March 10, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

PediaStaff is a niche-oriented recruiting company focusing on pediatric therapy. Their company mission is to build self confident children…one professional at a time. Here are some basic facts about PediaStaff: – PediaStaff specializes in the recruiting of contract and permanent placement of pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists, Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, & related Assistants. – Their clients […]

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Healthcrest Enterprises

February 26, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Healthcrest Enterprises, Inc. (HEI) is a Missouri based corporation duly formed and incorporated to meet the current staffing needs of the healthcare industry. Healthcrest specializes in providing a wide range of healthcare personnel with concentrations in the nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and medical technology disciplines on a contract, contract-to-hire or direct-placement basis. […]

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Aesthetic Nurse Training

November 1, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

Formal training on aesthetic or cosmetic nursing is very rare in the Philippines. More often than not, the trainings that are available are conducted by a foreign training institution (e.g. American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine) sponsored by a local organization. In the Philippines, the most common way for a nurse to learn about aesthetic nursing […]

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Olivarez General Hospital

October 5, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

Your family’s trusted hospital. The Olivarez General Hospital is a private secondary hospital that offers a vast array of services provided by some of the most talented medical professionals from Paranaque City. It started as a small clinic in 1958 by its founders Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez and Rosario de Leon Olivarez in San Dionisio, […]

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What is Hypnotherapy?

September 22, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness whereby clients are helped to use their own mental associations, memories and life potential to achieve therapeutic goals It is a technique used in helping clients discover the critical experiences in their past that have been responsible for their present distress Major Concepts The trance state is a […]

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MCU Hospital Philippines

September 13, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

The MCU Hospital is a modern 209- Bed private tertiary health care center strategically located in Caloocan City that offers complete efficient quality medical healthcare services to the northern part of Manila. It was established sometime in 1947 simultaneously with MCU Manila Central University – Filemon D. Tanchoco Medical Foundation, which was designed to produce […]

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Myoma Surgery Philippines

September 6, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Uterine myoma or Myoma for short is a benign tumour that grows within the muscle tissue of the uterus. It can be a single dominant tissue as large a melon or as small as a coin or cluster of many fibroids. Uterine myoma is common among women childbearing age. While most women do not experience […]

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Perpetual Succor Hospital

September 6, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

Perpetual Succor Hospital is a private maternity hospital founded in 1957 by Dra.Josefina Singson Florendo and Dr. Raymundo T. Macaraeg. The hospital started as 25-bed capacity maternity clinic but now provides 100-bed, full-fledged general hospital today. With over half of a century later, Perpetual Succor hospital stays true in pledging its healing hands and the […]

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GAOC Dental Clinic

August 30, 2014 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

It’s not just a smile. It’s a statement. Gan Advanced Osseointegation Center or GAOC is the leading dental center in the Philippines and one of the best in Southeast Asia. Spear-headed and founded by world-renowned dental surgeon Dr. Steve Mark Gan in 1998, GAOC was the product of a consistent culture of excellence and pioneers […]

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Patient Classification System in Nursing

July 26, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Patient Classification System in Nursing pertains to the systematic way of categorizing patients on the basis of certain care needs that can be clinically observed by the nurse to determine the level or degree of care needed by patient. Patient Classification System is a tool for managing and planning allocation of nursing staff in accordance with […]

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Al Hada Hospital Saudi

July 5, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

The Al Hada Hospital is a medical center with a 368 bed capacity that opened in 1980 which provides modern, acute care for Saudi citizens. It provides extensive medical and nursing services including open-heart surgery and kidney transplant. Al Hada hospital is also known to have the most advance state of the art facilities and […]

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GMED Clinic Guevent

May 10, 2014 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

GMED Clinic or Guevent Medical Clinic or Guevent Medical & Allied Services, Inc. (GMASI) is a DOH accredited health clinic that provides a new level of holistic care to families and communities at the heart of our community. GMED clinic is a component of GIDC (Guevent Investment Development Corporation or formerly Guevent Industrial Development Corporation), […]

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Mabuhaii Nursing Home

March 29, 2014 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Mabuhaii Nursing Home is a nursing home facility for patients with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. It uniquely provides the natural and inherent care and attention that the Filipino caregiver and healthcare providers willingly gives to patients, which in the eyes of others would suffice as world class personalized service. Caring the Filipino way, Mabuhaii Nursing […]

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Pines City Doctors Hospital

March 7, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

Pines City Doctors Hospital is a oldest private tertiary hospital in the Cordillera Administrative Region that has a bed capacity of 112. Pines City Hospital was established in 1965 in order to augment the health care system of Baguio City and its neighbouring provinces by seven medical practitioners and for businessmen. It derived its name […]

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Symbios Wellness Sanctuary

November 14, 2013 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Symbios is a part of the BioVitale Holistic Center that serves as an urban landscape where people can mediate, connect with nature, purify their minds, relieve themselves from stress, freshen their spirits and invigorate their spirits. Symbios is on top of a mountain whose exact location is kept secret to maintain the sanctity and purity […]

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Pacific Link Healthcare

November 14, 2013 Category :Placement Agencies 1

Pacific Link Healthcare is a corporation registered in the USA as an international healthcare recruiter, with its main office in Atlanta, GA, USA, and branch offices in London, England, Manila, Philippines, and India . All registered nurses and physical therapists regardless of national origin are welcome to apply. Pacific Link Healthcare matches your professional ability […]

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Nursing Management of a Client Experiencing Alopecia (Hair Loss)

December 21, 2009 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

Chemotherapy involves the administration of cytotoxic medications and chemicals to promote death of tumor cells.  The intravenous route is the most preferred method for administering chemotherapeutic agents, but they many also be administered by oral, intrathecal, topical, intra-arterial, intracavity, and intravesical routes. Chemotherapy and radiation therapy may cause hair loss.  The hair loss is temporary, […]


The Philippine Children’s Medical Center

November 4, 2009 Category :Hospitals 5

The Philippine Children’s Medical Center is one of the government-owned and controlled corporate National Centers for Specialized Health Care under the Department of Health. It is a 200-bed capacity tertiary hospital with a mandate to provide pediatric care, offer training programs for medical and allied health care providers, and be a center in clinical research.

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