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Patient Safety – Who Decides?

November 29, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

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What Does a Nurse Do in an Operating Room?

August 5, 2012 Category :All About Nursing 0

Operating Room Nurses are one of the busiest and most critical nursing positions in the hospital. These nurses essentially work as assistant of surgeons conducting operations of all kinds. Thus, being an operating nurse may also require certain specializations to the particular operation conducted by a doctor because there surgical operations apparently vary.

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Operating Room Nurse

January 11, 2012 Category :All About Nursing 0

An operating room at times called the OR or the surgery room.  It is where the surgery took place.  It is a room equipped with performing surgical operations complete with medical facilities and the nurse assisting the doctors in doing the operations.  Having surgery means having operations, and a doctor specialist is the surgeon with […]

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