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Nurses Can Help Patients Manage Vices

January 2, 2015 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Nursing Jobs 0

Getting someone to change his habits is hard, but it’s part of a  nurse’s job. . Here’s a look at some common vices and how you can help. Tobacco: Coming up with smoking cessation goals and interventions for patients can be difficult, especially when it is estimated that 18 percent of nurses themselves take regular […]

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Nursing Care Plan about Smoking

November 6, 2012 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Despite the known dangers and deaths related to smoking as well as the multitude of anti-smoking campaigns around the world, smoking remains a difficult habit to break. In fact every year, millions of new smokers are born. The primary reason why it is hard to quit smoking is because of the addictive nature of the […]

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