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New Type Of Hormone Therapy Extends Prostate Cancer Patients’ Lives, Study Finds

March 2, 2015 Category :Nursing Articles 0

The drug abiraterone acetate gave men with advanced prostate cancer an average of four months of extra life, according to Phase III trial results published in the New England Journal of Medicine today. Abiraterone acetate, trade name Zytiga™, was discovered at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in what is now the Cancer Research UK […]

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Prostate Cancer Treatment

January 1, 2015 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Of all the disease that a person obtains, cancer is the one that is scary. Having a cancer is a hard battle to win, but because of the latest and effective way in treating the disease this illness can be cure. One of the deadliest diseases the country today is the Prostate Cancer. What is […]

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