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Occupational Health Nursing

December 25, 2014 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles 0

Occupational health nursing is a specialized field in the nursing profession, which specifically deals with the prevention and management of harm, injuries and even illnesses at work. Occupational health nurses often find direct employment of companies, acting to provide emergency health needs as well as consultations to employees at work.  They can also find work […]

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New Nursing Grads First Career Moves

July 30, 2012 Category :Nursing Articles 1

After college graduation, newly grads are often faced with the problem of how to start their careers especially because of the tough competition and the limited employment opportunities that seemed to get worse year after year. New nursing graduates are exempted from this predicament. In fact, the limited local employment opportunities for nursing graduates have […]

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Occupational Health Nurse

December 7, 2011 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Nursing News 2

An occupational health nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in caring and preventing injuries and illness at work or in an occupational setting. The occupational nurse is particularly concerned with workplace health and safety. Aside from the typical nurse job of overseeing the health of the employees, the occupational nurse evaluates the health status […]

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