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Nursing Care Chemotherapy

July 22, 2015 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Chemotherapy is a medical therapy that use chemicals for the treatment of disease and parasites which is usually used for treating cancer. Different types of “cancer” entails different chemotherapy procedures/ administration using different types of chemotherapeutic agents or chemicals. Nursing care in Chemotherapy starts with a systematic knowledge of the patients condition, objectives of the […]

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LCP Flagship Training (Workshops) Schedule August – October 2010

May 9, 2015 Category :Announcements 0

Lung Center of the Philippines Professional Education and Training Services Flagship training (workshops) schedule for August – October 2010. Workshops and Training Dates: 1. Pulmonary Tuberculosis Workshop (2nd batch) August 18, 2010 2. Asthma Management Workshop (2nd batch) September 22, 2010 3. Smoking Cessation Workshop (2nd batch) October 20, 2010

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What is the Difference between Adult and Juvenile Diabetes?

April 28, 2015 Category :Nursing Articles 2

What is diabetes mellitus? The glucose or sugar that your body gets from eating carbohydrates is delivered to your bloodstream and then to the cells. Glucose is then converted to energy which enables us to live longer. As glucose enters the bloodstream, your body’s blood sugar (blood glucose) increases, thereby producing a hormone called insulin. […]

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New Type Of Hormone Therapy Extends Prostate Cancer Patients’ Lives, Study Finds

March 2, 2015 Category :Nursing Articles 0

The drug abiraterone acetate gave men with advanced prostate cancer an average of four months of extra life, according to Phase III trial results published in the New England Journal of Medicine today. Abiraterone acetate, trade name Zytiga™, was discovered at The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) in what is now the Cancer Research UK […]

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Intensive Care Nurses Have Doubts About Method For Establishing Brain Death

January 24, 2015 Category :All About Nursing 0

More than half of Sweden’s intensive care nurses doubt that a clinical neurological examination can establish that a patient is brain dead. Intensive care nurses also perceive that this uncertainty can affect relatives when the question of organ donation is raised, is reveiled in a thesis from the Sahlgrenska Academy, University of Gothenburg, Sweden. End-of-life […]

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Technology That Altered the Nursing Industry

January 22, 2015 Category :All About Nursing 0

No workplace has escaped the touch of technology, including nursing. Nursing is still, and will always be, a field where technology has had a huge impact on the way that nurses do their job. While some of the technological advances have made the nurse’s job easier, others have been implemented as a price saving measure, […]

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Physical Therapist with NPTE Sponsorship Program

January 15, 2015 Category :Nursing Jobs 1

Qualifications: * Licensed Physical Therapist * Not more than 45 years old Sponsorship Coverage: * NPTE In-House Review – 90% Pass Rate * NYSED Credentialing * Visa to the USA for NPTE Exam * Roundtrip Airfare tickets * Accommodations

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Nursing Care for Cellular Aberration

January 11, 2015 Category :All About Nursing 0

Cellular aberration pertains to the abnormal deformation, bleeding, increase in size or internal configuration of a cell attributed to the mutation of chromosomes (DNA) that ultimately leads to a cancer, which disrupts the normal functioning of the organs, tissues or the body, which the cancer infects. Cancer is a disease in which abnormal cells grow […]

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Assessment & Management (ORTHOPEDIC NURSING)

January 3, 2015 Category :Announcements 0

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To BSN or Not to BSN – That is the Nurse’s Question!

December 24, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

When you are considering a career in nursing, your decision should be based on a lot of factors. You don’t just take BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) right after high school just for the sake of going to college. To BSN or not to BSN – how do you really decide? It is important […]

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Dignity in Nursing Care

December 21, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

Dignity is central in nursing care because nurses primarily deal with the care of humans who have inherent rights and emotions. Dignity is the inherent intrinsic worth of human beings. Christians usually attribute dignity to man’s creation in the likeness or in the image of God. Moreover, human dignity exists in every individual by virtue […]

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Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI)

November 27, 2014 Category :Training Centers 2

Cleverlearn English Language Institute (CELI) is a fast- growing international school based in the Philippines with offices in various countries across the world. Cleverlearn is an American-owned ESL school, founded in 1999 in Sta. Monica, California, USA. Started its Philippine operations, Cebu City, Ramos Campus in 2005 and have expanded to Mactan, Cebu on June […]

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How Nurses Prevent Hypertension

November 24, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

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17% Of Cancer Nurses Unintentionally Exposed To Chemotherapy

November 22, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Nearly 17 percent of nurses who work in outpatient chemotherapy infusion centers reported being exposed on their skin or eyes to the toxic drugs they deliver, according to a new study from the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center. The study surveyed 1,339 oncology nurses from one state who did not work in inpatient hospital […]

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“Five Rights” of Drug Administration

November 11, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

1. Right Drug – Compare the label of the drug container with the doctor’s order three times – Before removing the container from the drawer/shelf – As the amount of ordered drug is removed from the container – Before returning the container to the drawer/shelf or discarding it – Nurse must adminseter only the drugs […]

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Rules When Giving Drugs through NGT

November 11, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

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Tips for Giving Medications to Children

November 10, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

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6th Asia-Oceonia Conference on Obesity : The Growing Problem of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome: Asia-Ociania Perspective

November 9, 2014 Category :Announcements 0

From August 31 – Septernber 2,2OLL, the 6th Asia.Oceania Conference on Obesity {AOCOI will be held for the first gme in the country at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. The Philippines through the Philippine Association for the Study of Overweight and Obesity (PASOO) is pleased to be its host. The AOCO is a biennial event […]

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Majority Of Nurses Uncomfortable Talking About Sexuality With Cancer Patients

November 9, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

Nurses and other health care providers are unprepared and uncomfortable when initiating discussions about sexuality with their patients, according to an abstract presented at the 36th Annual Congress of the Oncology Nursing Society by nurses from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Sexual problems often result from the physical and psychological side effects […]

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Giving Up Smoking Not That Hard, Phillip Morris Boss Tells Cancer Nurse

November 8, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

The head of Phillip Morris International, Louis Camilleri, a long-time smoker, told a cancer nurse that smoking “is not that hard to quit”, during an annual shareholder meeting in New York. He said there are more previous smokers than current smokers in America today. Cancer nurse, Elisabeth Gunersen, from San Francisco was explaining the cost […]

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