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Professional Nursing Service

February 28, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Professional Nursing Service, founded in 1975, was one of the first companies to provide traveling nurses to healthcare facilities on a temporary basis. This service was so successful that not only were traveling nurses contacting PNS, but healthcare facilities began to seek us for contracts. Today, Professional Nursing Service remains a successful company and is […]

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TravelMax Medical Professionals

February 25, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

TravelMax Medical Professionals is built on a tradition of quality, service, and success. As a division of Maxim Healthcare Services, they are a leading force in the healthcare industry, offering their nurses the opportunity to travel the country while working in some of the most prestigious medical facilities. The TravelMax division is supported by a […]

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Unlimited Nurse Search

February 24, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Unlimited Nurse Search is a privately owned medical recruitment company that provides placement services for hospitals and medical professionals. Unlimited Nurse Search provides the highest quality of medical recruitment service to both nursing professionals and employers by matching the right individual to the right job in the right company or organization. They continue to build […]

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Preferred Healthcare Staffing

February 24, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

At Preferred Healthcare Staffing, they take pride in their ability to provide their health care professionals with the best service and assignments in the industry. Since 1981, they have been placing qualified health care personnel in almost every specialty at leading facilities across the nation. Over the years, Preferred Healthcare Staffing has helped thousands of […]

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Galen College of Nursing

February 20, 2015 Category :Nursing Schools 0

There are plenty of places to get your nursing degree. But when you choose Galen College of Nursing, you’re getting more than a degree. You’re benefiting from an institution whose sole focus is the field of nursing – and your career in it. Galen’s primary focus is to educate nurses to meet and exceed the […]

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Healthcare Connections

February 16, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Healthcare Connections is an International Recruitment Agency of Registered Nurses assisting overseas Specialist Registered Nurses to find the most London and throughout the UK. Healthcare Connections is run by nurses for nurses. They’ve been in business for over 5 years Location: HEALTHCARE CONNECTIONS Suite 112 Hill House 210 Upper Richmond Road London SW15 6NP United […]

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Advantage RN

February 15, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Advantage RN is a specialty staffing company employing healthcare professionals for travel assignments at hospitals and other medical facilities across the country. Managed by an industry-experienced team of professionals and headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, they have quickly grown to become a respected player in the travel nurse industry. Advantage RN’s primary focus is service excellence. […]

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A New Nurse for a New Year

February 12, 2015 Category :Nursing Articles 0

According to the American Psychological Association, weight loss, smoking cessation and increasing exercise are the top three New Year’s resolutions in America. But do New Year’s resolutions really work and change unhealthy behaviors in individuals? Sometimes they do. Those who make resolutions are ten times more likely to successfully change their behavior than those who […]

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Genius Health

February 9, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Genius Health mission statement is:” to provide nurses with a transparent, efficient and ethical job placement service. Assistance and support is given in all aspects of the employment process with paramount importance placed on meeting individual preferences in securing employment in the UK.” Genius Health Recruitment Agency has been established by nurses for nurses who […]

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Harmony Professional Staffing Services

January 31, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Harmony Professional Staffing Services provides recruitement services to qualified nurses for USA. Location: Harmony Professional Staffing Services Amsterdam Avenue, Suite 17E New York, NY 10025 USA

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Nurse Immigration USA

January 30, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

The mission of Nurse Immigration USA , is to provide experienced registered nurses as staff nurses to hospitals and health care employers throughout the western United States. Nurse Immigration USA provides nurses for all clinical settings. Due to the English language requirements, they recruit only experienced nurses who are fluent in speaking, reading and writing […]

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NC Staffing

January 28, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

NC STAFFING is a company founded by a nurse for exceptional nurses. NC Staffing knows what hospitals look for in their nursing staff and NC Staffing has a reputation for providing it. The nurses they place are among the very best in the country – fully qualified, tested for knowledge and skills, and individually matched […]

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International MedLink

January 22, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

International MedLink Registered nurses have many distinct advantages over all other staffing agencies. International MedLink nurses have to go through the Vanderbilt training curriculum first before immigration. Furthermore they provide one of a kind post-placement support program for their customers to ensure all IML nurses receive performance evaluation and continuing nurse education with Texas A&M […]

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Victorian Nurse Specialists (VNS)

January 21, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 1

Victorian Nurse Specialists (VNS) is a recruitment and casual nursing agency based in Melbourne. VNS has cemented its place in the nursing agency industry and is one of the fastest growing nursing agencies in Melbourne. Victorian Nurse Specialists (VNS) innovative and fresh approach has rapidly gained the respect of our growing list of health care […]

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Raffles Nursing International

January 20, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

The Geriatric Services and Home Nursing Services Divisions of Health-Corp Management (HCM) International Pte Ltd are carried out by Raffles Nursing International. Its vision is to be the leader in nursing solutions for both individuals and organisations, and its mission is to provide integrated solutions to meet the needs of the nurses and patients’ care. […]

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Galen College of Nursing – Nursing Degree

January 16, 2015 Category :Nursing Schools 0

here are plenty of places to get your nursing degree. But when you choose Galen College of Nursing, you’re getting more than a degree. You’re benefiting from an institution whose sole focus is the field of nursing – and your career in it. Galen’s primary focus is to educate nurses to meet and exceed the […]

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LPN to RN Online

January 14, 2015 Category :Nursing Schools 0

LPN to RN Online offers nursing education resources, such as college and university information, study aids, and continuing education for nurses. Location: LPN to RN Online United States

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Ten Tips for Your First Year of Nursing

January 2, 2015 Category :All About Nursing 0

After you’ve completed the schooling, grueling clinical rotations, mind-busting exams, medication memorization, and the NCLEX, now comes the fun part: your nursing career! Your first year as an RN might be difficult, and you might feel some burnout–many first-year nurses do. Here are ten quick tips to keep in mind and help make your first […]

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The Changing Role of Nurses

December 26, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

During the ancient civilization, the work of nurses had long been related to nurturing pregnant women and infants. Although obviously they were not called nurses then, people who perform these functions are actually nurses because they provide caring. During wars, nurses attend to those who were injured in the battle. Still later, nurses were more […]

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Dignity in Nursing Care

December 21, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

Dignity is central in nursing care because nurses primarily deal with the care of humans who have inherent rights and emotions. Dignity is the inherent intrinsic worth of human beings. Christians usually attribute dignity to man’s creation in the likeness or in the image of God. Moreover, human dignity exists in every individual by virtue […]

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