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AGA Global resources

July 15, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 1

AGA Global resources has extensive experience in working with RNs, healthcare professionals and medical institutions whichs makes them capable of matching highly skilled professionals to the needs of your establishment. AGA Global resources uses these capabilities to recruit nurses from the Philippines for permanent or temporary employment in US hospitals and other healthcare institutions. AGA […]

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Philippine Nurses Association of New York

July 14, 2015 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

The Philippine Nurses Association of New York Incorporated was organized by a handful of civic spirited and visionary nurses from the Philippines in 1929. The purpose was to unite and provide professional guidance to the few Filipino nurses in New York and nearby states like New Jersey and Connecticut. The group was formed while they […]

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Worldwide Trade Resources Nurse

April 24, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Worldwide Trade Resources, Inc and its member organizations (collectively known as “WTR”) was established in New York City and New Jersey in 1991. WTR began its services by providing professional nursing staff to hospitals, nursing homes and other health care facilities throughout the United States. Building upon our experience and success in the health care […]

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InterMed Placement USA

March 11, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

InterMed Placement USA, Inc. is a rapidly growing company based in the United States specializing in placing Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists and other healthcare professionals with leading healthcare facilities nationwide. InterMed sponsors qualified candidates for permanent resident status in the United States through its contract staffing program. Our headquarters are located in New York City […]

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Staffing International Network

February 1, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Staffing International Network(Staff Network) is an employment, placement and staffing agency specializing in placing skilled, unskilled and professional workers primarily from the Philippines to employers around the world. Staff Network has created a global network of partners, all with impeccable credentials that guarantees a level of service that can demonstrate trust, credibility and dependability. Staff […]

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Nursing – The Christmas Profession

July 20, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Every medical-surgical nurse has worked his or her share of holidays, including significant family events such as Hanukkah or Christmas. It’s a hazard of belonging to a profession that is on duty 24/7. Our families often had to realize that the timing for the gift exchange and annual feast would be altered if Mom or […]

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JUNO Healthcare Staffing System

September 8, 2009 Category :Placement Agencies 5

JUNO Healthcare Staffing System, Inc. is an international staffing agency that recruits healthcare professionals for placement in US healthcare facilities. Our parent office is located in New York, with affiliate companies in New Jersey and California and in the Philippines. JUNO started its operations by recruiting registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), and certified […]

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