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Lakeshore General Hospital Canada

November 16, 2013 Category :Hospitals 0

The Lakeshore General Hospital (LGH) is a 257 bed capacity acute care institution that provides medical and healthcare services for the people of the West Island region of Montreal, Canada. Strategically situated in major highway branches, the hospital is most accessible for emergency situations in Montreal. Lakeshore General Hospital is also a component of the […]

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Valenzuela Citicare Medical Center

October 22, 2013 Category :Hospitals 0

The Citicare Valenzuela Medical Center or the Valenzuela Citicare Medical Center is a newly opened private tertiary general hospital founded in 2010 by the Timog Hilaga Providence Group Inc. (THPG), designed to provide the residents of Valenzuela city and nearby towns with premium health care services at par with the most prestigious hospitals in Metro […]

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Should you need to have a degree to be nurse?

April 15, 2012 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Jobs| Nursing News 0

The act of instinctive nursing per se like a mother to her child obviously does not require a nursing degree. Same is true when one takes care or nurses a spouse, one’s parents, a friend or a close relative.   However, to provide nursing services to people as a source of living or a profession to […]

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What is Sequelae?

May 10, 2010 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

Motor disturbances: Parkinsonian syndrome or paralysis agitans Face is expressionless and mask-like Constant, uncontrollable, rhythmic tremor or voluntary muscles Speech is monotonous and jerky Difficulty in initiating, controlling or arresting volutary movements Propulsive gait, with forwrd or backward motion increasing almost to run “Pill-rolling” tremor of the hands.

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