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HCWH and the Philippine Mercury Watch Countdown to 2010

September 27, 2014 Category :Healthcare Associations 0

Health Care Without Harm (HCWH) is an international coalition of hospitals and health care systems, medical professionals, community groups, health-affected constituencies, labor unions, environmental and environmental health organizations and religious groups that works to implement ecologically sound and healthy alternatives to health care practices that pollute the environment and contribute to disease.

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Health Workers Soon To Be Vaccinated VS H1N1 VIRUS –

September 26, 2014 Category :Nursing News 2

The Department of Health (DOH) announced last 21April that health workers all over the country will be vaccinated against the A(H1N1) virus during the latter part of April as part of the country’s response to the pandemic. According to Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral Our frontline health workers are at higher risk for getting the disease […]

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Pinoy Nurses Avoid Middle East Due To Security Concerns

September 25, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

Some 5,000 nurses are needed in the Middle East, but only a few from the Philippines are interested in the job openings even if many nurses in the country are unemployed, according to a government official. Ofelia Domingo, assistant director of the Department of Labor and Employment (Dole) in Southern Mindanao, said on Monday that […]

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What is Tinea Corporis / Tinea Pedis?

September 24, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

AKA: “An-an“; athlete’s foot Causative Agent: Microsporum and Trichophyton (rubrum, mentagrophytes) Incubation Period: 4-10 days Period of Commuicability: As long as lesions are present Mode of Transmission: Direct or indirct contact with skin, contaminated clothing (towels, handkerchief, etc), floors, shower stalls, benches Signs & Symptoms: Flat, spreading, ring-shaped lesions Reddish periphery, vesicular or pustular Maybe […]

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Pediatric Nursing Live lecture on March 23 and 24, 2010

September 23, 2014 Category :Announcements 1

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What is Hypnotherapy?

September 22, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness whereby clients are helped to use their own mental associations, memories and life potential to achieve therapeutic goals It is a technique used in helping clients discover the critical experiences in their past that have been responsible for their present distress Major Concepts The trance state is a […]

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Aphasia (Dysphasia)

September 21, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

Aphasia (Dysphasia) is a general term used to describe organic disturbances in language resulting from cortical tissue damage rather than from defective innervation of the muscles used in speech or from mental deficiency. Nursing Care: a. Rehabilitation should be done 6 to 12 weeks immediately after a stroke which is the “optimum treatment period, ” […]


2010 National HIV Summit

September 20, 2014 Category :Announcements 0

With increasing cases of HIV seen and reported especially in the last three years in the Philippines, it has now become imperative for the government to conduct an HIV Summit to urge leaders from all sectors of society to jointly scale-up a national response to address the disease. According to Health Secretary Esperanza Cabral It […]


Care of Clients with Alterations in Coordination

September 20, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

Radiological Studies Roentgenogram (x-ray film) -It is used to determine injury to or tumor of the bones and soft tissues Bone Scan – A radionuclide such as 99Tc – disphosphonate is administered IV, and scan is done several hours later. This 99Tc disphosphonate is favored bacause scanning can tabke place within 1 to 3 hours […]

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What is Acute Angle Closure Glaucoma?

September 19, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

Cause: the result of an abnormal displacement of iris against the angle fo the anterior chamber. It is a relatively rare disease. Dilation of the pupil is caused by darkness, excitement or a mydriatic drug, which may cuse blockage of the outflow mechanism of the eye with a narrowed peripheral angle of the anterior chamber


What is Multiple Sceloris?

September 18, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

Multiple Sceloris (Disseminated Scelrosis) is degeneration, progressive disease characterized by demyelination of motor nerve fibers within the spinal cord and brain. Death is most often caused by intercurrent infection. Not contagious or inherited, although it appears more often among relatives Etiology: unknown, autoimmun; viruses


US Career Opportunity For Registered Nurses And Other Healthcare Professionals

September 15, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 1

Good news to everyone that LVH-Ortiz Business and Immigration Consultancy Corp. (LOBICC) is now having its job opening ready for deployment in different hospitals/employer in the USA through its US based principal sponsor, the Phil-American Global Resources, LLC (PAGR) which is based in Kentucky, USA. For those interested contact +632-8716625 or simply visit LOBICC in […]


Japan May Ease Visa Rules For Foreign Nurses, Dentists

September 14, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

Due to Japan’s fast-aging and shrinking population, the immigration bureau is considering a plan to abolish visa limits for hundreds of nurses from the Philippines and Indonesia that currently restrict them to working in Japan for only seven years. A bureau official said it may also soon invite nurses from other countries. The changes may […]


Top 5 Reasons to Work in the Healthcare Field

July 5, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Perks and Benefits of a Health Career Working in the Healthcare industry offers many rewards and benefits. Find out more about what you’ll gain by pursuing a career in Healthcare today! 1. Job Growth, Job Growth, and MORE Job Growth! According the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, EIGHT of the Top 20 fastest growing professions […]

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EDI – StaffBuilders International

April 21, 2014 Category :Placement Agencies 2

EDI – StaffBuilders International (EDI-SBII) is an international recruitment company that provides a wide array of management and technical professionals, as well as highly skilled workforce to clients of every size and industry. By combining seasoned recruitment professionals and cutting-edge recruitment technologies and techniques, they can generate a shortlist of highly qualified candidates quickly and […]

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GAT Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center

March 31, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

The Gat Andres Bonifacio Memorial Medical Center is a 150-bed capacity general, tertiary hospital located in the first district of Manila that was named in honor of one of the most renowned national heroes of the Philippines, Gat Andres Bonifacio, who hailed from Tondo Manila. Andres Bonifacio, known for his uncommon valor, founded the Katipunan, […]

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Euromed Laboratories Philippines

March 5, 2014 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

The leading Manufacturer of High Quality Intravenous Fluids in the Philippines, Euro-Med Laboratories Phil., Inc. was founded in 1988 and had been engaged in the manufacture of large volume parenterals, specialty solutions and irrigating solutions. As a leader in the industry, Euro-Med pioneered the use of modern European blow-fill-seal technology of aseptically producing sterile and […]

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Occupational Health Nurse

December 7, 2011 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles| Nursing News 2

An occupational health nurse is a registered nurse who specializes in caring and preventing injuries and illness at work or in an occupational setting. The occupational nurse is particularly concerned with workplace health and safety. Aside from the typical nurse job of overseeing the health of the employees, the occupational nurse evaluates the health status […]

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How to build therapeutic relationship with patient

December 6, 2011 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles 0

The therapeutic relationship is a special relationship between a nurse and a patient which is different from a typical social relation between friends or an intimate relationship between lovers. A therapeutic relationship demands special communication skills, understanding capacity, and personal strengths to improve the client’s development. The emphasis of the relationship is to help the […]

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Code of Ethics Nursing In Egypt

November 15, 2011 Category :All About Nursing| Nursing Articles 0

Nursing ethics refers to the principles or standards that guide or direct appropriate conduct in the practice of the nursing professions particularly in relating or treating humans for the protection of their rights.  In Egypt where majority of the population are Muslims basically adheres to the religious principles of Islam in the establishment of the […]

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