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Watching SpongeBob Squarepants, Fast-Paced Fantasy May Impede Kids’ Learning

November 17, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

Watching fast-paced, fantasy television programs like SpongeBob Squarepants may impede children’s learning by compromising their “executive function”, or their ability to pay attention, problem-solve and control their behavior, according to new research soon to be published in the October issue of Pediatrics. Executive function is a concept that psychologists and neuroscientists use to describe a […]

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37th World hospital Congress of the International Hospital Federation (IHF)

November 15, 2014 Category :Announcements 0

The International Hospital Federation (IHF) will be holding its 37th World Hospital Congress on 8-10 November 2011 at the Atlantis The Palm, Dubai-United Arab Emirates with the theme “Healthcare in a Chaing World: Overcoming the Challenges”. The theme of the IHF Dubai 2011 congress will be “Healthcare in a Changing World: Overcoming the Challenges”, emphasizing […]

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1st Filipino Therapist Conference & Expo

November 14, 2014 Category :Announcements 0

The Ex-Link Management & Marketing Services will be holding its 1″ Filipino Therapist Conference on 24-25 September 2011 at the Crowne Plaza Galleria Manila with the theme “Towards Global Advancement & Competitiveness of Filipino Therapists”. The convention aims globally advance and competitive Filipino therapists due to rising demand in the market. It also envisions enhancing […]

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“Five Rights” of Drug Administration

November 11, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

1. Right Drug – Compare the label of the drug container with the doctor’s order three times – Before removing the container from the drawer/shelf – As the amount of ordered drug is removed from the container – Before returning the container to the drawer/shelf or discarding it – Nurse must adminseter only the drugs […]

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Rules When Giving Drugs through NGT

November 11, 2014 Category :Nursing Reviewer 0

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Tips for Giving Medications to Children

November 10, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

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6th Asia-Oceonia Conference on Obesity : The Growing Problem of Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome: Asia-Ociania Perspective

November 9, 2014 Category :Announcements 0

From August 31 – Septernber 2,2OLL, the 6th Asia.Oceania Conference on Obesity {AOCOI will be held for the first gme in the country at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila. The Philippines through the Philippine Association for the Study of Overweight and Obesity (PASOO) is pleased to be its host. The AOCO is a biennial event […]

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Majority Of Nurses Uncomfortable Talking About Sexuality With Cancer Patients

November 9, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

Nurses and other health care providers are unprepared and uncomfortable when initiating discussions about sexuality with their patients, according to an abstract presented at the 36th Annual Congress of the Oncology Nursing Society by nurses from The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Sexual problems often result from the physical and psychological side effects […]

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Giving Up Smoking Not That Hard, Phillip Morris Boss Tells Cancer Nurse

November 8, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

The head of Phillip Morris International, Louis Camilleri, a long-time smoker, told a cancer nurse that smoking “is not that hard to quit”, during an annual shareholder meeting in New York. He said there are more previous smokers than current smokers in America today. Cancer nurse, Elisabeth Gunersen, from San Francisco was explaining the cost […]

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Regular coffee reduces a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant

November 7, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

Animal studies have found that the activity of Fallopian tubes, which carry eggs from her ovaries to her uterus, can be undermined by regular caffeine intake, thus negatively affecting her fertility, researchers from the University of Nevada School of Medicine reported in the British Journal of Pharmacology. Professor Sean Ward said: Our experiments were conducted […]

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Who’s the ‘tweet-est’ nurse in the world?

November 5, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

After turning Manila into the “texting capital of the world,” Pinoys are now making their mark in the Twitter world of short, real-time social media content. Ronnievinn Pagtakhan, a registered nurse and a teacher at Centro Escolar University (CEU) and Mapua Institute of Technology , was named winner of Twitter’s international Shorty Award in the […]

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What is Colorectal Cancer?

November 4, 2014 Category :Nursing Schools 0

Risk factors for colorectal cancer include age 50 or older, history of polyps, family history of polyp and/or colorectal  cancer, a history of ulcerative colitis, and diet high in fat and low in fiber. Recommended routine screening for early detection include fecal occult blood testing and colonoscopy depending on personal and family history. CBC may […]

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What is Iron-Deficiency Anemia?

November 4, 2014 Category :Nursing Articles 0

General Considerations: Most prevalent nutritional disorder in children because of overfeeding with milk (which is deficient inrion). Most common hematologic disease in infancy and childhood because of rapid growth and development. Iron, when taken into the body, has only a 10% absorption rate. With a high bulk in the diet, large amounts of milk and antacids will […]

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Focus on Occupational Health Nursing

November 3, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

Occupational Health Nursing refers to the application of nursing principles and procedures in providing health service to employees in their place of work through Prompt and efficient nursing care of the ill and impaired Participation in teaching health and safety practices on the job Cooperation with plant department administrators Keeping the health clinic and staff […]

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Body of Ilonggo nurse killed in New Zealand quake identified

November 2, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

The remains of one of the two missing Ilonggo nurses trapped in a building that collapsed in February 22 earthquake in Christchurch City in New Zealand has been identified. The body of Valquin Bensurto, 23, from Jaro District in Iloilo City, was identified among those recovered from the collapsed Canterbury Television (CTV) Building, Bensurto’s elder […]

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3rd Philippine Caregiver Summit

November 1, 2014 Category :Announcements 0

Demand for caregivers worldwide likely will double by 2050 as baby boomers age around the world (USA Today reports), particularly in First World countries. Filipino Caregivers have been slowly and surely occupying this demand and the demand continues. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to reach out to thousands of Filipinos considering Caregiving careers. 3rd […]

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Filipino kin still full of hope; NZ rescuers give up search

November 1, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

WELLINGTON, New Zealand—Families of Cebuano nurses buried in the quake’s rubble could not accept the announcement that there were no more survivors. Dr. Ethel Uy, aunt of nurse Rhea Mae Sumalpong, said the family still believed she is alive. But rescuers officially gave up hope of finding more survivors of New Zealand’s devastating earthquake, saying […]

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Nursing topnotcher says it was a test of faith, not knowledge

October 31, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

SAN PEDRO, Laguna—The night before the nursing licensure exam, Weanne’s prayers were for her to be “not too complacent” but still put all her trust to God, even as she was confident that she would ace the test. She said she really made it a goal to top the nursing licensure examination, her confidence boosted […]

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Nurses swamp DoLE for rural jobs

October 30, 2014 Category :Nursing News 0

Only a day after it announced that it was recruiting nurses for rural health work, the Department of Labor and Employment (DoLE) was swamped by more than 15,000 applicants, a labor official said Tuesday. DoLE spokesperson Nicon Fameronag said that as of 1:42 p.m. Tuesday, 15,858 online applicants had registered for the 10,000 slots of […]

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Job scammers target medical workers

October 30, 2014 Category :Announcements 0

Medical students, graduates, and practitioners seem to be the favorite targets of employment scammers, the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration said. Administrator Jennifer Jardin-Manalili said her office has received various reports regarding the illegal recruitment of medical professionals and skilled workers. The Philippine Embassy in Berne has verified that a certain “Semino Private Hospital”, which claims […]

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