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Olivarez General Hospital

October 5, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

Your family’s trusted hospital. The Olivarez General Hospital is a private secondary hospital that offers a vast array of services provided by some of the most talented medical professionals from Paranaque City. It started as a small clinic in 1958 by its founders Dr. Pablo R. Olivarez and Rosario de Leon Olivarez in San Dionisio, […]

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San Lazaro Hospital Manila

September 6, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

The San Lazaro Hospital is a public general hospital with a 500-bed capacity that provides free health care delivery service particularly among the depressed, underserved and underprivileged sectors of the society. It was founded in 1577 as a dispensary clinic in Intramuros by Spanish Frey Juan Clemente. San Lazaro Hospital was relocated to its present […]

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Santa Ana Hospital

August 30, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

Santa Ana Hospital is a modern fully air-conditioned public general hospital that serves the poor residents of Manila’s particularly in its sixth district. Santa Ana Hospital Manila has a 500 bed capacity of which 90% is allotted for charity patients who need not pay anything for their healthcare needs.

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Pasay City General Hospital

April 12, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

Renewing our Commitment for Quality Service, the Pasay City General Hospital is a public tertiary hospital with a 150 bed capacity that is designed to serve the people of Pasay city and the neighboring cities and municipalities of Metro Manila. Guide by excellence, Pasay City General Hospital is dedicated to perpetually improve its hospital care […]

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AFP Medical Center

March 3, 2014 Category :Hospitals 0

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) Medical Center is the official hospital institution of the AFP that is aimed to provide quality tertiary health care services to AFP personnel, dependents and authorized civilians. It was originally named the V. Luna General Hospital, after Colonel Victoriano Luna, the Chief of Medical Service and Medical Adviser […]

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Valenzuela Citicare Medical Center

October 22, 2013 Category :Hospitals 0

The Citicare Valenzuela Medical Center or the Valenzuela Citicare Medical Center is a newly opened private tertiary general hospital founded in 2010 by the Timog Hilaga Providence Group Inc. (THPG), designed to provide the residents of Valenzuela city and nearby towns with premium health care services at par with the most prestigious hospitals in Metro […]

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Camp Crame Hospital

September 8, 2013 Category :Hospitals 0

The Camp Crame Hospital essentially refers to the PNP General Hospital, which functions as the institutionalized healthcare delivery system for the Philippine National police which basically provide health and medical services to members of the PNP, their families and to the general populace.

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PNP General Hospital

May 27, 2013 Category :Hospitals 0

The PNP General Hospital is the institutionalized healthcare delivery system for the Philippine National police that provides health and medical services to servicemen and their families and in some instances to the general populace. As a general hospital, the PNP General hospital provides a comprehensive range of medical services that are often needed by the […]

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Bernardino General Hospital

April 25, 2013 Category :Hospitals 1

To provide the highest quality patient care at a minimum cost, this is the underlying mission upon which the Bernardino General Hospital was conceived and established. It is a family owned and operated hospital institution led by its founder Dr. Yolanda Bernardino-Lim.

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Cotabato Regional and Medical Center

September 8, 2009 Category :Hospitals 1

COTABATO REGIONAL HOSPITAL stands as the only hospital in Central Mindanao with 200-bed capacity and its services are categorized as Tertiary and classified as a General Hospital. Moreover, pursuant to Republic Act No. 8316, upgrading the CRH into a medical center to be known as the Cotabato Regional & Medical Center (CRMC), the hospital is […]

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