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Connecting Caregivers

August 23, 2015 Category :HealthCare Companies 0

Connecting Caregivers specializes in respite care for seniors suffering from: Alzheimers, Stroke, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, and Spinal Cord Injury. Their caregivers provide home health aide, assistance in activities of daily living, and sitter companion services. Connecting Caregivers is a valuable source of information for both family caregivers and employed aides. Location: Connecting Caregivers USA

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Helping Hands Caregiver Services

March 18, 2015 Category :Placement Agencies 0

Deryn Nicole Rizzi, the President of Helping Hands Caregiver Services, is a qualified Immigration Consultant and and active member of The Society of Immigration Consultants. She is also an active member of The Canadian Association of Profession Immigration Consultants. Deryn Nicole is a graduate from Queen’s University where she obtained two degrees, a Bachelor of […]

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Burnout In ICU Could Be Decreased By More Female Nurses

November 19, 2014 Category :All About Nursing 0

Individuals’ risk of professional burnout may be decreased by a higher ratio of female nurses among intensive care teams, according to investigators in Switzerland who researched the factors connected to burnout in the high-stress setting of the intensive care unit (ICU). The study was published online in the articles-in-press section of the American Thoracic Society’s […]

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Japan Recruits 2nd Batch of Nurses, Caregivers

August 19, 2014 Category :Announcements 1

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) announced the start of interview sessions for nurses and caregivers for Japan at the POEA Head Office at Ortigas cor. EDSA, Mandaluyong City.  The interview will run from February 1 to February 6. The Japan International Corporation of Welfare Services (JICWELS), the counterpart agency of the Philippines in the […]

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Fil-Canadian Training Caregiver

April 14, 2014 Category :Training Centers 0

Fil-Canadian Training caregiver or the Fil-Canadian Training & Development Center for Caregivers is as its name implies a training center for caregivers and health workers for deployment in Canada, UK, Japan and other countries. It aims in delivering quality training, hands-on experience or care giving and in the development of character of professionals who want […]

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Topmake Manpower Agency

March 17, 2014 Category :Placement Agencies 1

Topmake Manpower Agency or Topmake International Manpower Services is a land-based international manpower recruitment agency in the Philippines envisioned to help Filipinos make it to the top through lucrative and fulfilling careers abroad. The agency was founded in February 2000 and aims to meet the demands and dreams of Filipinos who dreamt of finding better […]

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