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Nursing Review Centers in Baguio

Baguio is not only the summer capital of the Philippines. It is also one of the leading regions in the Philippines that produce the finest nurses and healthcare professionals who have been deployed in across the world. However, apart from getting a very good nursing education, one needs to pass the licensure exams in order […]

SRG Review Center

The SRG review center for nursing in the Philippines, or the Sultan Review Group offers to the reviewers the best and well planed scheduled. The excellent program reviews and the great and knowledgeable lecturers and teachers for the nursing board takers, gives the SRG the best and well supported review center among others. For the […]

EDGEWORTH Nursing Review Center

Pass that nursing examat first take! with EDGEWORTH NURSING REVIEW CENTER The Only Review Center that can give you… GUARANTEED 94-100% PASSING PERCENTAGE!!! Unlimited Simulations and Conceptual Lectures Guaranteed FREE TUTORIALS on top of the actual review Individual Reviewee Performance Monitoring Small groupings: 50-100 students per group Evidence-based, Problem-based, Research-based, Ethics-based review materials Results Oriented […]

Sultan Review Group Nursing Review

The producer of whooping 7 in the top 10 in June 2008 NLE with an unprecedented 97 passing rate. REVIEW FEE Php 16,000 – CGFNS/NCLEX Php 6,000 – Down payment Php 3,000? – Reservation Php 15,500 – Full Payment Php 20,000 – CGFNS/NCLEX/IELTS Package Php 6,000 – Down payment Php 3,000 – Reservation Php 19,500 […]