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R.A. GAPUZ Review Center (RAGRC)

Founded in 1994, the R.A. GAPUZ REVIEW CENTER (RAGRC) can be deemed to have reached the pinnacle of its success, as highlighted by being named as the recipient of the: 2004 PARANGAL NG BAYAN AWARD as MOST OUTSTANDING REVIEW CENTER during the 19th Annual Parangal ng Bayan Awards, the prestigious 2004 NATIONAL CONSUMERS QUALITY AWARD […]

RAGRC Discounted Rate!

R.A. GAPUZ Review Center (RAGRC) To the children of Public School Teachers, Soldiers & Government Employee: RECEIVE A SPECIAL DISCOUNTED RATE

Exclusive Class for the Local Board Exam Review

Company: R.A. GAPUZ Review Center (RAGRC) R.A Gapuz Review Center Now open for reservation: Ray A. Gapuz’s EXCLUSIVE class for the lcoal oard exam review May 25 – June 2 7 days of power-packed review with the country’s premiere reviewer EXCLUSIVE class NCLEX Intensive Final Coaching Review March 23 – 27

Review Centers for Criminology

Criminology is the interdisciplinary study of the nature, extent, causes, and control of criminal behaviour, which is important in maintaining law and order in civil society. As a regulated profession, a criminology graduate needs to pass the criminology board exam to be eligible in the practice of the profession. Following are some of the top […]

Nursing Review Centers in Baguio

Baguio is not only the summer capital of the Philippines. It is also one of the leading regions in the Philippines that produce the finest nurses and healthcare professionals who have been deployed in across the world. However, apart from getting a very good nursing education, one needs to pass the licensure exams in order […]