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How to become a Registered Nurse?

…tions have been taken, and the results will come out after a year of waiting, the results will be published on different reading materials like newspapers, in the internet or in the office of the PRC. Finding the name on the lists is the happiest day of someone who took the examination; because the hard work and perseverance at long last resulted in a positive way. Being a licensed nurse is a noble profession. This is where the story will start….

Study and Test Taking Skill Tips for November 2009 Nurse Licensure Exams (NLE)

…g the day. You never know when you’ll have a couple of minutes between classes or on a work break to give yourself a quick quiz. 3. Mnemonic Devices – Use mnemonic devices to assist your memory in recalling short lists. 4. Understanding vs. Memorizing – Don’t memorize material. Instead aim for understanding the material. Nurse Licensure Examinations (NLE) do not test for memorization but rather for an understanding of the…

Why Do You Need to Take the CGFNS?

…y of origin. California. California does not require CGFNS certification or require the foreign educated nurse applicant to pass the CGFNS qualifying exam. It does require that the nurse undergo a credentials review by specialists within the state licensing agency, not through CGFNS. California will review a copy of a credential certificate from another source, but the state must complete its own review of the transcript. Maryland. Maryland…

Shemer Medical Center

…heir patients are their first priority! Accordingly, they do everything in their power to make sure that their health treatment abroad patients receive prompt medical treatment and never have to wait on any extensive waiting lists. With such high standards of both personal and medical treatment, it is no wonder why the Shemer Medical Center has rightfully earned its reputation for being one of the leading medical treatment abroad providers….