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Nursing Care for Infratentorial Surgery

…ge. It is often performed for tumors, trauma, congenital abnormalities, vascular diseases (aneurysms and vascular malformations) trigeminal neuralgia, and other disorders of the brain that are amenable to surgical treatment. Infratentorial Craniotomy is a type of Craniotomy in which the site of surgery is below the tentorium into the infratentorial compartment or the incision is made at nape of neck. Possible Impacts of Intracranial Surgery…

Care of Neurosurgical Clients

…allowing and gag reflexes; head may be gradually elevated on the third post-operative day. Vital Signs a. Commonalities: Minor vital signs; monitor neurological signs; observe for shock and increased intracranial pressure b. Infratentorial: Observe for respiratory difficulty Food and Fluids a. Supratentorial: Limit to 1,500 ml during first 24 hours to control edema; food diets as tolerated after return of swallowing and gag reflexes. b….