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Nephrocare Philippines

The only and unique company that offers comprehensive solutions to renal patients everywhere and every day, NephroCare is the service brand of Fresenius Medical Care in the Europe, South America and Asia Pacific including the Philippines that provide services in dialysis centres across the world. As such, it was started off as a pharmaceuticals company […]

Asia Renal Care Cebu

Asia Renal Care is a healthcare clinic founded in 1997 that specialized in renal care and dialysis treatment. With its impeccable service, the clinic opened over 100 branches throughout Asia and has become the second largest provider of dialysis and related services in the Asia-Pacific region. In 2007, Asia Renal Care became a wholly owned […]

Hemodialysis Training Philippines

Hemodialysis Training is an intensive course designed to equip healthcare professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to provide hemodialysis treatment or the clinical method of removing waste products such as kreatinine and urea and free water from the blood of patients suffering kidney or renal failure.

Asia Renal Care Philippines

Asia Renal Care is the second largest provider of dialysis and related services in the Asia-Pacific with over 100 clinics in the region. It was founded by 1997 became a subsidiary of Bumrungrad International Ltd., an medical investment company and specialty medical center based in Bangkok, Thailand. “Bumrungrad” incidentally literally means “care for the people”. […]

Top 10 Dialysis Centers in the Philippines

A dialysis center is an institution that essentially provides dialysis service or blood-purification treatment for patients with diabetes or who suffer from kidney ailments. Because of the prevalence of these disease in the Philippines, many dialysis centers were established to address the growing needs of the population. Following are the top 10 dialysis centers in […]