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The Nutritionists-Dietitians Association of the Philippines is a non profit non government organization established in 1988 by a group of Filipino nutritionists and dietitians to promote and support activities that will advance the growth of the nutritionist and dietitian profession. Among NDAP regular activities included raising funds for financing its activities, publication of a research journal that contains the latest research findings and scientific studies concerning nutrition and diet and sponsorship of activities, scholarships and other programs which will advance and promote the profession.

NDAP also conducts continuing research, seminar programs, community outreach program as sponsorship of scholarship programs. Finally NDAP also conduct review class for Nutrition and Dietetics graduates. Apart from earning a bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition, a new graduate should pass the board exam for nutrition and dietitian and complete internship in an accredited hospital in order to be allowed to practice the profession. This is especially important because of the central role of diet and nutrition in the health management of the top killer diseases in the world including cancer, heart stroke and diabetes.

Among the achievement of NDAP included the establishment of standards for dietetic practice, standardization of curriculum and salaries of the nutritionist experts. Moreover, among the major review findings made by the association included the lack of sufficient research study that will validate that low GI diet will cause significant weight loss or help control appetite. Thus, the company still stresses that need to monitor carbohydrates for diabetes management. NDAP also recommends the use of artificial sweeteners (e.g. Equal) which contain zero calories compared to sugar alcohols that contain around 2.5 calories per gram. Thus, in managing diabetes, the use of artificial sweeteners is recommended because they do not contain carbohydrates instead of alcohol sugar.

For inquiries about the schedule and venue of its review courses, interested parties can visit its headquarters at Unit 1106 Herrera Tower, V. A. Rufino cor Valero Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227 or any of its 30 branches across the Philippines.

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