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Mind’s Nest Review Center

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Integrity beyond compare, Mind’s Nest Review Center is a leading nursing licensure review center in Southern Philippines. The center provides the longest review program for nursing graduates that comprehensively covers all nursing and health subjects that are included in the nursing licensure board exam. Mind’s Nest Review Center covers both traditional and current concepts within the scope of the examination to prepare students not only in passing the board exam and become professional registered nurses but for the professional practice of nursing.

The Mind’s Nest Review Center believes on the success of every individual and that success is a matter providing the right guidance and preparation with the right people. In lieu of which, the review program of the center featured a select group of top of the line lecturers who are not only great practitioners of the nursing profession but great teachers, and have all equally excelled in the board exam. Moreover, one of the distinct methods of the review program is its prioritization of the “must-know” nursing concepts which are explained in the easiest and most sensible way ensuring that students profoundly understands and absorbs these concepts by the heart.

More than just providing success, the Mind’s Nest Review Center also understands Filipino students and the value of time and money in education. As such, the center takes consideration of the accessibility, affordability of its program to allow more students to get into its review program which is a crucial step towards one’s endeavour to success.

Finally, the review program of the Mind’s Nest Review Center follows a know-do-be triad. The know aspect features lectures, pre and post tests and rationales designed to enhanced knowledge of the student on nursing. The Do phase is the reinforcement stage in which students are introduced to test taking techniques as well as extensive exam for preparation. Finally, the Be stage is the grand coaching stage in which students are given easy to remember and short tips, bullets and Faqs, which they can carry on using up to the practice of the nursing profession.

The Mind’s Nest Review Center is located at 2nd Floor ALU – TUCP Building, Roxas Avenue, Davao City, Philippines. It also has a branch at the 3F CAP building, NS Valderosa St. Zamboanga City, Philippines.

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