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West Australian Nursing Agency

Posted on March 14, 2015 | 1 Comment on West Australian Nursing Agency

It all started in a small office in an old building in the Perth Suburb of West Leederville. West Australian Nursing Agency was the vision of two registered nurses to create a nursing business which focused its attentions to meeting the career needs of Nurses and catering to the professional requirements of clients. Along with a team of dedicated admin and nursing staff West Australian Nursing agency opened its doors to business in 1999 and since then there has been no looking back. WANA, as it is affectionately known certainly has grown and become an outstandingly successful business with a huge pool of Nurses and has attracted clients from all over Western Australia and Australia. Honesty integrity and plain hard work along with a great sense of humour has made WANA what it is today. WANA Nurses are seen in all sorts of interesting and varied healthcare facilities around Australia ranging from remote inland community centres to tropical island clinics to local private and public hospitals. WANA‘s belief has always been that working with Nurses for Nurses and taking pride in a truly wonderful profession will have its rewards. This has been made true for both WANA and WANA Nurses and clients. WANA and another local Nursing Agency – Bell Health recently merged under the banner of West Australian Nursing Agency. WANA is now part of a national chain of nursing agencies which means an even larger pool of casual nurses and an even greater variety of healthcare facilities to work in. WANA can provide you with work wherever Nurses are required, including: – All Private & Public Hospitals – Community Centres – Clinics – Mental Health – Aged Care – see Carestaff – Occupational Health
Location: West Australian Nursing Agency 242 Railway Parade West Leederville Perth WA 6007 Australia Phone: (08) 9382 2888 Fax: (08) 9382 2899 Freecall Interstate: 1800 228 886 Freecall International: 0800 9382 2288

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