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Victorian Nurse Specialists

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Victorian Nurse Specialists (VNS) is a recruitment and casual nursing agency based in Melbourne. VNS has cemented its place in the nursing agency industry and is one of the fastest growing nursing agencies in Melbourne. Their innovative and fresh approach has rapidly gained the respect of our growing list of health care facilities and staff. VNS’ entire focus is on the provision of quality staff to health care facilities and provides employment opportunities to its rapidly growing database of professional, enthusiastic nursing and ancillary staff. As one of Melbourne’s largest nursing agencies, Victorian Nurse Specialists offers nurses work in general and specialised areas of public and private hospitals throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria. VNS is one of the few nursing agencies to provide staff for all clinical areas of public and private healthcare facilities. VNS provides opportunities in specialists and general clinical areas. SPECIALIST AGENCY NURSING and Nursing Jobs They consistantly have work available in all areas of specialist nursing including: * Cardiothoracic wards * Intensive and Coronary care * Accident and Emergency * All areas of Operating suite * Midwifery * Neonatal Intensive Care/Paediatric Nursing * Anaesthetics and Recovery * Oncology * Haemodialysis * Day Procedure VNS values those agency nurses who have experience in specialised areas but do not hold formal qualifications. We also provide employment opportunities to Theatre technicians, Orderlies and other ancillary staff. GENERAL AGENCY NURSING and Nursing Jobs VNS also has work available in all general areas including * General Medical and Surgical Units * Aged Care * Rehabilitation Units * Paediatric Nursing * Gynaecology
Location: Victorian Nurse Specialists Suite 3 107 Union Road, Surrey Hills, Vic 3127 Australia (between Canterbury Road and the Surrey Hills Railway Station) Phone: +61 3 9898 7000 Fax: +61 3 9898 7444 Postal Address: P.O. Box 198, Surrey Hills, 3127, Victoria, Australia

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