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Universal Staffing Services

Posted on September 8, 2009 | 4 Comments on Universal Staffing Services

Universal Staffing Services, Inc. (UNISTAFF) is a licensed international manpower company. We specialize in the design and execution of customized search and selection programs that are tailored to meet the business objectives and relevant demands of our clients’ marketplaces. UNISTAFF leverages its global business network and visionary business methodology in delivering intelligent solutions in the areas of human resources placement and consulting. UNISTAFF was founded in 1998 with its headquarters in Philippines and branch office in Houston Texas U.S.A., We recently opened with partner offices in Boston Massachusetts, U.S.A., Dubai and Singapore and soon to open in Doha Qatar, and Beijing China, to better serve our clients as well as our recruits. Experience with such a wide range of businesses and clients enabled UNISTAFF to develop an experienced resource pool, a skills evaluation process, a state of the art platform and online applicant tracking system. Through the years, UNISTAFF has consistently provided its’ Clients all over United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions with skillful, sufficiently trained, and high-caliber professional in various fields. Among their strengths are healthcare, management, administration, sales, education, tourism, engineering, technical and skilled personnel. Its continuing process of implementing advance approach for improvement has taken pride to lead a distinct reputation it now holds. Their company’s internal mechanisms are equipped to meeting the governments’ procedural requirements, and above all, meeting their Clients’ explicit requirements to the fullest extent possible. UNISTAFF senior management has over 20 years of combined professional experience. We utilize this combined experience, with our highly qualified staff members, proprietary tools, proven process, and global business network to provide their clients with efficient cost-effective solutions, unparalleled in the industry.

Universal Staffing Services, Inc
5477 Boyle Street, Palanan
Makati City, Philippines

Phone: (632) 8318470 / 8336869
Fax: (632) 8336871

USA Office:
One Arlington Boston MA USA
Phone: (617) 3191020
E-mail: boston@unistaff.us

Singapore Office:
304 Orchard Road Singapore 238863
Tel. (65) 67381756
E-mail: singapore@unistaff.us

Dubai Office:
P.O. Box 118785 Dubai UAE
Tel (9714) 2634288
E-mail: dubai@unistaff.us

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  1. marivic botor Reply

    Greetings!jaz wanna ask,fu can consider m as 1 of ur applicant,for any nursing jobs especially in hamad hospital in doha,coz im planning 2 go there by december dis year after finishing my 2 yrs contract hr!m here n K.S.A ryt nw!waiting 4 ur favorable response.tnx a lot&mor power 2 ur agency!

  2. jay regadio Reply

    hi am jay regadio, i want to ask if you have vacant position as a hvac maintenance in hospital…im also working in hospital in riyahd,,Dr sulaiman Al habib as a Hvac technician,,,thank you very much,,

  3. Amor H. Rivera Reply

    Hello I am Amor Rivera, i plan to work in Qatar. My Tito has introduce your agency which cam help me to go abroad and work there. Hope you can consider me as your applicant. Thank you.

  4. Amor H. Rivera Reply

    P.s… By the way I am a nurse. Looking forward to work abroad.

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