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UniHealth America offers healthcare professionals (Nurses, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists) the opportunity to take advantage of all that America has to offer. Hospitals and healthcare facilities in the US have some of the best technology, teaching programs, qualified staff and funding in the world. UniHealth America offers registered nurses the chance to be a part of this high-quality healthcare system in major cities throughout the United States. Every day at UniHealth America we assist, guide and lead registered nurses and healthcare professionals, helping them discover a rewarding new world of opportunities through great jobs in the United States. Their services go far beyond job-matching. That’s because they know that although a move to the States is exciting, it can also pose challenges if you don’t know the ropes. So they stay with you all the way, ensuring a hassle-free journey to a great destination – and a brilliant future. They offer excellent compensation, benefits and a free Greencard Sponsorship. It’s a WIN-WIN for everyone. Experienced and skilled healthcare professionals get the opportunities they deserve. And hospitals and healthcare facilities in the US get the quality staffing they require and higher retention. Whether you are a healthcare professional or a healthcare facility seeking to recruit, why not come aboard today? They’re all here waiting to welcome you. Excellent job opportunities are available in the USA for Registered Nurses, Occupational Therapists & Physical Therapists.
Location: UniHealth America 23 Redan Place Suite 11 London, W2 4SA United Kingdom Tel:020 7221 9553 Fax:020 7792 0500

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