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Topmake Manpower Agency

Posted on March 17, 2014 | 1 Comment on Topmake Manpower Agency

Topmake Manpower Agency or Topmake International Manpower Services is a land-based international manpower recruitment agency in the Philippines envisioned to help Filipinos make it to the top through lucrative and fulfilling careers abroad. The agency was founded in February 2000 and aims to meet the demands and dreams of Filipinos who dreamt of finding better opportunities overseas. Topmake Manpower Agency capitalizes on the Filipino’s natural virtue of hard work to improve their living and aims of serving as a conduit to allow Filipinos share their knowledge, skills and expertise with foreign employers across the world with mutual respect and confidence.

Topmake Manpower Agency or Topmake International Manpower Services focuses on supplying skilled workers such as Factory Workers, Furniture Shop Workers, Security Guards, Hotel and Restaurant Workers, Engineers, Miners, Drill Rigs Operators and Mechanics, and Carpenters. It also specializes in the deployment of professional workers in the healthcare sector such as Personal Care Attendants, Nurses, doctors and caregivers. However, the agency also helps skilled workers which do not entail an educational degree but vocational courses such as Heavy Equipment operators and Mechanics, Drivers, Domestic Helpers/Nannies/Aupairs and Other General Labors.

Among the countries which Topmake Manpower Agency or Topmake International Manpower Services have deployed workers in included Canada, Sierra Leone, West Africa, Hongkong, Taiwan, Singapore, Russia and Spain. In order to help Filipinos from across the nation, the agency has established branch offices in Tabuk City, Nueva Viscaya, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, and Baguio City. In Hongkong, it has also established its business office called Baguio Angels employment agency which helps Filipinos in Hong Kong apply for jobs in Canada.

Topmake Manpower Agency or Topmake International Manpower Services commits itself to serve foreign principals with quality service with good, competent and quality workers, to help the Filipinos obtain employment opportunities to earn better income and work benefits, and to contribute to the growth of the national economy and improve life of Filipinos in general.

The main office of Topmake Manpower Agency is located at FD-197 Pines Park, La Trinidad, 2601, Benguet baguio city, Phone:(074) 309 329.

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