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Top Nursing Agencies in the Philippines

Going abroad is one of the most common alternatives for Filipino nursing graduates to find a lucrative and rewarding career. Thus, nursing agencies that help Filipino nurses fulfill their dreams of working abroad proliferate in the country to supplement the growing demand for nurses abroad. Among the top nursing agencies in the Philippines with a proven and long standing record of successfully deploying nurses abroad are as follows:

ABBA Personnel Services Inc. (Abba) is one of premium recruitment agencies for nurses in the Philippines. It has been awarded by POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Administration), in three consecutive special citations as “Top Agency Performance Award”. This is based on the on quantity of successful deployment that agency has facilitated annually as well as its faithful compliance with laws and policies of the government.

Alda Technologies is another renowned nursing recruitment agency that especially deploys nurses in Europe (such as Ireland, France, Austria), North America (Canada and the US), the Caribbean Islands, and South Africa.

Capstone Network Employment Resources Group International(CNERGI) is consulting and staffing firm that is based in the United States and has helped hundred of Filipino nursing hopefuls find work in the land of the milk and honey, the USA.

Similar to Capstone is ASMCI-USA , another US based international consultancy firm that specialize deploying healthcare professionals and facilitating immigration in the United States and Canada.

Sentosa Recruitment Agency is a subsidiary of the Sentosa Care Group, which recruits and provides direct placement of healthcare workers including nurses to nursing facilities and institutions affiliated to Sentosa. It provides a comprehensive service from nurse recruitment, immigration, licensing and orientation.

Dahlzen International Services is a recruitment agency that focuses on the deployment of healthcare workers like doctors, nurses and caregivers to the UK and Israel. It provides a complete service from recruitment to monitoring of deployed workers abroad.

Finally, the Philippines Hospitals and Health Services Inc., is a Hall of Fame awardee of the POEA for successfully placing thousands of healthcare workers to the most prestigious hospitals in the Middles east since its inception in 1977.

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