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Staffing International Network

Posted on February 1, 2015 | No Comments on Staffing International Network

Staffing International Network(Staff Network) is an employment, placement and staffing agency specializing in placing skilled, unskilled and professional workers primarily from the Philippines to employers around the world. Staff Network has created a global network of partners, all with impeccable credentials that guarantees a level of service that can demonstrate trust, credibility and dependability. Staff Network is keenly aware that some institutions may have concerns about foreign recruitment, however they must assure you that at Staff Network, they take your business goals and objectives as serious as they take their. Staffing International Network understands that only in a committed partnership we both can accomplish our short and long term goals. Staffing International Network will not try our best, they will deliver their best. If for whatever reason their best is not satisfactory, Staffing International Network will step forward and make good for any shortcomings.
Location: Staffing International Network Inc. 134-47 160th Street Springfield Gardens, New York 11434 USA Phone: +1.718.712.3009 Fax: +1.718.527.3626

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