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Staffhouse International Resources

Great companies need great people. Because people not only stand to be the backbone of an institution, but also serve to be assets; to gain the company prestige which translates only to success. It is with this belief that Staffhouse International Resources enters the realm of recruitment. Their organization is committed to provide you with unbeatable professional staffing services. They solely dedicate their efforts into understanding your needs, as their clients, and strive to match only the best candidates to your recruitment. Since Staffhouse International Resources inception, Staffhouse International Resources has grown into one of the most innovative recruitment firms in the Philippines today. They have a solid standing in the local market and a strengthening presence in the international scene, notably in Asia, the Middle East, and the US. Staffhouse International Resources list of clients continue to grow, covering various industries: * Automotive * Engineering & Construction * Oil & Gas / Energy Sector * Information Technology * Manufacturing * Sales & Marketing * Distribution * Services * Banking & Finance * Healthcare While they continue to grow, their focus remains on their core competencies: recruitment and placement.
Location: Staffhouse International Resources Suite 402, PSMBFI Bldg., 318 Boni Serrano Ave. San Juan Metro Manila Philippines 1500 Telephone: (+63.2) 410.1234 Fax: (+63.2) 413.1818

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