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Spring Resources Management & Promotion, Inc. (SRPMI) is operated by Filipino recruitment expert. The idea for Spring Resources Management & Promotion, Inc. (SRPMI) originated back in the 1980s through the middle of the 1990s the growth of the recruitment and manpower supply industry in the Philippines was so rapid, that demand for Filipino Workers increased a hundredfold worldwide when it became apparent that there was a desperate need for a recruitment site that specialized in international job placement vacancies. The phenomenal rise inspired a group of friends who were then all connected with the manpower industry to establish their own company. Owing to their extensive experience and comprehensive knowledge gained, they believed that they are now equipped to venture and meet the new challenges the industry will present. As such, SPRING RESOURCES MANAGEMENT & PROMOTION, INC. (SRMPI) was finally awarded its license to operate in June of 2000 and we have come a long way since. The people of SPRING RESOURCES MANAGEMENT & PORMOTION, INC. (SRMPI) have brought together from years of practical experience in the recruitment and deployment of Filipino manpower our “ VALUE PLUS ” – the commitment to provide honest efficient and professional service to our client. POEA License #005-LB-053106-R
Location: Spring Resources Management & Promotion, Inc. 205 Marbella Building II 2071 Roxas Boulevard, Malate, Manila Philippines Tel No :(632)521 3484 (632)521 3492 Fax : (632)525 9148

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