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Serviecon International Corporation

Serviecon International Corporation (SIC) is a recruitment and placement agency duly licensed by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA). Serviecon’s main PURPOSE is to provide well qualified disciplined, capable and experienced manpower to International Employers and/or Principals, strictly adhering to the hiring requirements and standard set forth by foreign employers. SERVIECON recruitment processing and deployment schedules are within the prescribed time frame set by its clients. It has an abundant supply of workers–Professionals, Technical, Skilled Craftsmen/Tradesmen, Semi-skilled and unskilled labor from a pool of applicants from the provinces and the industries. Categorically, SERVIECON is both financially and technically equipped to handle wide range of manpower requirements.
Location: Serviecon International Corporation Unit A, 2F Ganare Bldg. 2241 Taft Avenue Manila City, Philippines Phone: +63.2.528.4187 +63.2.528.4190 Fax: +63.2.528.4224

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