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RYMEK Enterprises

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RYMEK Enterprises, Inc. is a healthcare service company based in Paramus, New Jersey, a 10-minute drive from New York City. The company’s services are geared towards helping solve the challenges that plague the healthcare industry. Chief among these are the healthcare personnel shortages (nurses, physical therapists, among others) and the huge gap between medical transcription supply and demand. The company’s mission is two-fold: 1. To help US hospitals and nursing homes cope with their ever-increasing need to supplement their regular workforce with personnel from overseas, most notably in the field of nursing; and 2. To offer a great opportunity to healthcare professionals from overseas to find gainful employment in America, work in their chosen profession and live the American dream. RYMEK Enterprises, Inc. maintains a strong presence overseas by (1) working very closely with local licensed agencies, that shares its highest standards in integrity and honesty, in countries where government regulations are very defined, and (2) establishing strong linkages with local entities in countries where such an arrangement is both convenient, efficient and cost effective.
Location: USA RYMEK Enterprises, Inc. 29 N. Farview Ave. Paramus, New Jersey 07652 USA Tel: 201-368-8200 Fax: 201-368-8513 Philippines RYMEK Enterprises, Inc. C/o NEPCO Personnel Inc. 2-F, ASIC Bldg., 369 Bonifacio St Davao City, Philippines 8000 Tele-Fax: (082) 225-1007

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