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RN&USA International

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RN&USA International’s head office is in Atlanta USA. They have branch offices in Gulf countries & in India. Also they are associated with the second largest nurse recruiter in the Gulf RN&USA International’s associates are leading US immigration attorney run organization in California. Provide staff for hundreds of corporate health care facilities throughout USA. They place candidates both on Direct Hospital Placement and Own sponsorship. They recruit candidates from all parts of the world. CGFNS & IELTS Qualified candidates are placed under direct hospital sponsorship wherever possible with a salary ranging from US$ 23 to 40 based on the location and the health care facility Direct NCLEX-RN candidates are placed under agency sponsorship in California for a salary of US$ 23 or above Contract term is generally for two years They have set a NEW record on NCLEX-RN training with 99% pass rates. Candidates are provided with free training. Study materials are from the worlds best providers like Kaplan, Saunders and Mosby. RN&USA International is based in Kuwait hence much capable of serving the Gulf based candidates better than any other agencies do.
Location: RN&USA International offices : Kuwait Saudi Bahrain UAE Qatar Oman India

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