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Procare USA is a JCAHO Certified Health Care Staffing Service that specializes in placing registered nurses on travel nursing assignments throughout the United States. Since 1990 Procare USA has been working with nurses to secure them flexible employment opportunities that meet their changing lifestyles. Whether it’s a 13 week travel assignment or a more permanent nursing position, Procare USA has hundreds of travel nurse jobs for you to choose from. Travel nursing offers you the opportunity to have it all; great pay, career enhancement, travel, and the flexibility to choose from hundreds of exciting travel nursing jobs throughout the country. As a Procare USA travel nurse you will always receive personal attention from their experienced staff so that you can focus on your travel nursing career.
Location: Procare USA 2 Bridgewater Road Farmington, CT 06032 USA Phone: 860.677.6525 Fax: 860.677.6578

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