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Plexus Medical Recruitment: Nursing Jobs in Australia & New Zealand

If you are looking for nursing jobs in Australia or New Zealand then
Plexus Recruitment can help you.  They specialise in finding outstanding
Nursing positions throughout Australia and New Zealand with contracts
ranging from 6 months to 4 years.

Plexus holds a unique place in the recruitment market.  Their team consists mostly of health professionals who have migrated to Australia and who can draw on their own firsthand experiences in providing expert advice; Australian/New Zealand health professionals who have the local knowledge of employment conditions providing superior candidate/position matching and are experts in the complexity of employing doctors and nurses from overseas, guiding our candidates through the maze of the necessary paperwork.

If you are a registered nurse working in the UK, USA, Canada,
Australia, New Zealand, Singapore or have a European nursing
qualification that complies with EU directive 77/453 eg Austria,
Germany, Sweden then Plexus can match your needs with the best nursing
job available in your preferred location.

Plexus Medical Recruitment
P O Box 162, Canterbury, VIC 3126, Melbourne, Australia
Telephone: +61 3 9836 0655
Email: info@plexusrecruitment.com.au

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  1. may laguda Reply

    do you have branches in the philippines?if yes, can i have its address? thank you very much.

  2. VENKATESH Reply

    DO YOU HAVE BARNACHES IN INDIA , if yes plz send me adress.
    thanq u

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