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Platinum Select

Posted on June 7, 2015 | No Comments on Platinum Select

Platinum Select was established in 2001 by an experienced team of staffing professionals with a desire to build a company based on personal service. That laser-like focus on personal service has resulted in a 98% staffing success rate and Client evaluations rating their recruiters, availability and overall flexibility as Superior. In addition, 100% of those Clients said they would use Platinum Select again, and would also recommend them to another facility. Now that’s satisfaction! How did they get so successful in such a short time? Their company tagline says it all: “When personal service is everything”. Their staffing professionals are committed to each and every client and professional that they work with. They believe in being flexible enough to fit your needs, instead of expecting you to fit theirs. At Platinum Select, you’re not just a number to them. Platinum Select not only provide travel and relocation assignments, they’ve also successfully established local markets of professionals throughout the country to help facilities that are unable to bring in travelers. It’s that kind of innovative thinking that has allowed us to grow so quickly in such a short time. And they only have their clients and professionals to thank.
Location: Platinum Select 325 N. St. Paul Suite 4200 Dallas, TX 75201 T: 866-953-0011 F: 866-953-0012

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