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Nurses to USA

Posted on June 19, 2015 | 1 Comment on Nurses to USA

Nurses To USA Inc. is an independent corporation consisting of Filipino and American nursing/medical professionals dedicated to and experienced in screening and recruiting qualified Registered Nurses to the USA. Nurses to USA Inc’s team of professionals is dedicated to recruiting experienced nurses who have the proper qualifications set by their client hospital. Nurses to USA Inc. will go to the Philippines and personally interview each prospective applicant for placement in a hospital in the United States. Nurses to USA, Inc objective is to recruit highly skilled registered nurses to the United States in the pursuit of excellent patient care.
Location: Nurses to USA (Florida) 500 NW 60th Street, Suite C Gainesville, Florida 32607 USA Nurses to USA (Manila) AsiaReach International (POEA Lic.# 109-LB-091206-R 18th F. Ramon Magsaysay bldg. Roxas Blvd. Manila Philippines Tel: (02)3020881/3020885

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  1. sha Reply

    hi, are you still hiring nurses? what are the requirements? I’m an nclex and ielts passer with tertiary hospital experience. hoping of your reply, thank you.

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