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Nurses for AUSTRALIA – Perth * Melbourne* Brisbane * Sydney

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- Registered female nurse with minimum of 3 yrs working experience in tertiary hospital
(min. of 200 bed capacity — local and abroad)
– Those with IELTS will be given PREFERENCE
– IELTS required
* Reading 7 , Speaking 7, Writing 7, Listening 7

Interested applicants may send updated resume with picture and detailed job description.  Please indicate number of bed for each hospital you have worked for city and country, country where you took Nursing Board Exams, expiration of your license, and state the individual band score for IELTS as well as the date taken to

Visit website http://allied.workabroad.ph for more details

Suite 201 V.I.P Bldg. Roxas Blvd, Manila (In front of US Embassy)
Tel No: 5215427 / 5260467
POEA LIC# 119-LB-062907-R

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  1. 10/05/05

    I definitely want to go back again to Perth again. I’m living overseas on the moment and everytime I study a website about Perth I skip it.

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