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NURSE RESERVE, Inc., the healthforce of America. NURSE RESERVE is committed to provide full service quality healthcare staffing to major hospitals, community hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and medical clinics and home care services for home bounded private patients to achieve their goal by ensuring that the healthcare professional (RNs, LVNs, LPNs and CNAs) who will work for them are effective, well oriented and highly productive. NURSE RESERVE takes no chances in giving their clients the best qualified healthcare professionals they truly deserve. They are well positioned to meet and take advantage of the growing nursing shortages in the United States of America. NURSE RESERVE, a division of ANA Employment Group, Inc., is a California corporation formed by a group dedicated professionals with long years of experience in the recruitment and staffing industry. Under the umbrella of ANA Employment Group, Inc. are SILICON PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES, INC., JOBLINK INTERNATIONAL, INC. and JOBLINK TEMPORARIES. The organization is recognized in the industry and has for years been accorded the privilege to be listed with DUN & BRADSTREET, a prestigous research firm in the United States. NURSE RESERVE is founded and administered by a consortium of Registered Nurses. Since its inception in 1997, we have maintained our commitment as a reliable source of qualified healthcare professionals to major hospitals, community hospitals, nursing homes, medical clinics and private patients, etc., in California and expanding all accross the United States.
Location: Nurse Reserve HEAD OFFICE 3440 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 609 Los Angeles, CA 90010-2112 USA Tel.: (213) 388-4060 Fax: (213) 388-5140 ORANGE COUNTY 2050 W. Chapman Street, Suite 209 Orange, CA 92868-2649 USA Tel.: (714) 634-4700 Fax: (714) 634-0450 SILICON VALLEY 16 Corning Avenue, Suite 252 Milpitas, CA 95035-5344 USA Tel.: (408) 586-9043 Fax: (408) 586-9099

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