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Nurse Exam Application Center

Posted on August 23, 2015 | 1 Comment on Nurse Exam Application Center

The only comprehensive resource in the Philippines for nurses to apply for NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, CGFNS and IELTS. We also provide assistance with CES, CVS and Visa Screening. They work to help nurses in the application process of NCLEX and make sure that the entire process is worry-free, hassle-free and risk-free. They can process all 50 states and several territories. Their team of expert application specialists will fill out the application, make sure that you have all the requirements for your chosen state and follow your application through the entire process to make sure that there are no errors and that you do not experience any loss of time or money.
Location: Manila: Second Floor, St. Thomas Square 1150 Espana Blvd Sampaloc, Manila 1008 Phone: 02-734-1426 Cebu: Mango Square Mall Gen Max Ave, 3rd Floor, Unit 301 Cebu City, 6000 Phone: 32-2382647 Davao: Illustre St. Skylite Building, D-18 B Davao City, 8000 Phone: 82-222-4262 Singapore: 545 Orchard Rd #04-18 Far East Shopping Center Singapore 238882 Phone: (65) 6733-1314

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  1. Omar-Ali Urao Reply

    hi good day .. I’am Omar-Ali Urao a graduate of Practical nursing at St. Augustine School of Nursing Zamboanga City Branch. I want to ask if you offer a review for NCLEX-PN and where can we take the exam? .. and please if possible can you give me the rates? so that i can also explain to my other classmates and schoolmates ..

    Waiting your reply with interest ..

    thank you so much and god bless!

    Omar-Ali Urao

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