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NT Medic Nursing Agency

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Nursing positions are available in Regional, Rural and Remote Health Services and Remote Aboriginal Community Health Centres, NT Medic Nursing Agency also service some Metropolitan Hospitals, the choice is yours. NT Medic Nursing Agency offers a personalised service, realising that every nurse has individual needs and preferences. Their Consultants, who all have nursing backgrounds will assess your requirements and abilities and match you to a suitable job. NT Medic Nursing Agency provide nurses with as much information as possible before starting with a Health Service. They aim to send you well prepared and secure in your expectations. Your placement through NT Medic Nursing Agency can open the door to a host of opportunities and experiences, both clinical and personal. You could travel and see some great country, meet new people and make new friends, learn new skills, work within a team environment or work autonomously, gain cross-cultural knowledge and experience another way of life. Overseas trained nurses may be able to gain a Working Holiday Visa ( conditions apply). Or if you choose a more permanent move, NT Medic Nursing Agency can assist with the Sponsorship process. NT Medic Nursing Agency has been recruiting qualified nurses for Australian Health Care Providers since 1989. Our reputation is built on placing staff within their clinical and personal comfort zones, whilst providing interesting and sometimes challenging roles, in a variety of locations.
Location: NT Medic Nursing Agency 2/3 Whitfield St Darwin, Northern Territory 0800 Australia Phone: 08 8943 1555 Fax: 08 8943 1500

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