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NT Medic Healthcare Agency

NT Medic Healthcare Agency has been providing healthcare professionals to health facilities through out Australia since 1989. Their team of professional consultants provide a personal and friendly service. They will listen to your needs, and do their best to find you the work you are looking for. NT Medic Healthcare Agency has jobs for Doctors, Dentists, Registered Nurses (RN), Enrolled Nurses (EN), Remote Area Nurses (RAN), Registered Psychiatric Nurses (RPN),Midwives (RM) and Patient Care Assistant (PCA). See our jobs page for more details. NT Medic Healthcare Agency is currently preferred providers of: • Doctors, Dentists and Nursing staff to the Northern Territory Department of Defense; • Nursing staff to Northern Territory Department of Health and Community Services; • contracted Nursing staff to the Queensland Department of Health. NT Medic also has jobs for Nurses in rural, regional and remote health facilities through out Australia. If you come to them with a destination they will do their utmost to find you a position there. NT Medic Healthcare Agency offers • No joining fees • Full insurance coverage • All types of clinical work, all over Australia • Short and long term contracts • Shift by shift agency work (Darwin only) • Weekly Pays • Great Rates • Free NT Medic shirt • Accommodation assistance * • Travel incentives * • A friendly and positive experience * conditions apply
Location: NT Medic Healthcare Agency 2/3 Whitfield St Darwin, Northern Territory 0800 Australia Phone: 08 8943 1555 1300 133 324 (local call charge from within Australia, excluding mobile phones) +61 8 8943 1555 (if calling from overseas)

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