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New Life Opportunities Placement Agency

Posted on May 29, 2013 | 3 Comments

As its name implies, New Life Opportunities Placement Agency is an employment agency that aims of providing a new lease of promising life to people in terms of giving them secured tenure, rewarding and promising careers for their family and their own self fulfillment.

New Life Opportunities Placement Agency evolved from the Canada Livestock Services (CLS), an international livestock marketing company engage in livestock marketing in China. However, the company had also been engaged in helping Chinese workers get recruited to Canadian clients. With the 2002 livestock crisis, Canada Livestock Services made its transition from marketing into recruitment especially of skilled workers. Because the company had difficulty finding sufficient people with strong English skills to fill the demand of foreign employers, CLS put up an agency in the Philippines, which is the third largest English speaking nation in the world. From then on, the company has consistently found English speaking and hardworking workers to fill foreign employment.

The main service of New Life Opportunities Placement Agency is to find the best fit candidates for employers. Most of the company’s vacant openings are for skilled workers such as welders, mechanics, carpenters, hospitality workers and farm workers. In most cases, New Life Opportunities Placement Agency not only provides temporary work but also works toward permanent employment and Canadian Permanent Residency. The company believes that its work is incomplete until a deployed worker is able to bring his or her immediate family to join and live with him in Canada. Thus, the agency is aptly called New Life Opportunities Placement Agency.

New Life Opportunities Placement Agency also extends its services for immigrants who are already working or staying in Canada. Among the service offered by the agency under this category included the securing of permanent resident status, work, visitor, study permit or extension, spousal sponsorship, citizenship, acquisition of super visa, renewal of PR Card and Temporary Resident Visa, among others.

New Life Opportunities Placement Agency is located at Unit 4 Ground Floor, LPL Greenhills Condominium, #17 Eisenhower St, Greenhills, San Juan City, Philippines.

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  1. Ellen V. Apostol Reply

    Good day! I just want to make a query with regards to job vacancy available for hiring in your agency.. I’ve been looking for an agency to help me in filing my job application to a company that is based in Canada and is commensurate to my job preference and job expertise. Thanks to consider my query…

  2. Michael Huang Reply

    Hi! I would like to ask if do we have vacant positions from Borgault Industries?

  3. joanne ong Reply

    Hi hello.

    I just want to inquire, if do you have a job vacancy for pharmacist? I would like to apply and practice my working experience in canada. Hope to hear from you.

    Thanks and god bless


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