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Muraken Agency Philippines

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Muraken Agency Philippines or Muraken International Manpower Services an overseas recruitment and deployment agency duly accredited by the Department of Labor (DOLE) and Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) that commits itself in helping Filipino professional find rewarding and stable careers abroad while helping foreign employers achieve their objectives by providing them with the appropriate manpower that matches their needs.

As part of its commitment to its mission and vision, the Muraken Agency provides a complete one stop shop service for all the needs of potential candidate desiring to work overseas. Services included pooling and mobilization of professionals, trade testing for prescreening applicants, background checking, selection of qualified workers in behalf of employers, travel documents processing which including passports, NBI, medical, police clearance and the likes, to expedite their deployment, report preparation for monitoring deployed workers, deployment notification, orientation, welfare management, vacationer Service, Salary Distribution among others.

Lately, the Muraken Agency has caught media attention for its involvement in a pressing complaint of an OFW. In particular, the case involves Gilbert E. Retita whose employment in Saudi Arabia diverges from their agreed upon employment contract he signed with the Muraken agency. Instead of working as a welder with a monthly salary of 1,000 Saudi Arabian Riyal and food allowance in Abdulla Maintenance & Contracting Co. Ltd., he worked as laborer with a monthly salary of 10, 000 Philippine pesos and P200 food allowance. The agency allegedly also fell short of providing the necessary aid and assistance to Retita’s family who died while at work and whose remains were not immediately returned home in the Philippines. Retita’s family also had difficulty getting financial benefits from the employer through the agency. Because of this, the Muraken agency was brought to the hot seat of media attention for its failure to help its deployed worker.

Muraken Agency Philippines or Muraken International Manpower Services is located at 52 5B 5th Street, United Paranaque Subdivision, San Isidro, ParaƱaque City, 1713, Metro Manila Tel 63 2 825 9651/ Tel 63 2 829 1228.

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