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Mercan Capital Philippines Agency

Mercan Capital Philippines Agency is a distinguished foreign worker recruitment and placement agency for Canada in the Philippines. It provides complete and customized employment solutions to individual professionals, business owners and overseas skilled workers. Its office in the Philippines helps create a direct access to a large pool of educated professionals for overseas deployment. Mercan Capital Philippines specifically helps clients through the process of immigrating to Canada from Initial assessment, Program selection, Documentation, file preparation and submission, follow up to Practical Advice towards successful deployment or immigration. The company commits itself in helping Filipinos achieve their dreams of gaining better employment or landing in Canada which is a land of opportunities. It will help ease up the complex and complicated process of immigrating to Canada that tends to frustrate qualified and determined individuals.

Unlike other agencies, the Mercan Capital Philippines Agency conducts an honest Initial Assessment of applicants before proceeding with application through our immigration experts that assess applicant qualifications. It then advises the Best Program Selection through which an applicant can successfully complete one’s application. It assists in providing expert Documentation Preparation and Application Submission to ensure that documents needed in application are complete and acceptable. It maintains its Unwavering Commitment through constant communication with applicant and Canadian Immigration authorities. Finally, the company provides practical advices which will improve if not guarantee one’s success application. An example advice is the need to take the language proficiency systems (e.g. IELTS) which will help applicants save money and avoid a time consuming interview.

Mercan Canada Employment Philippines, Inc. is located at the Unit 502 Galleria Corporate Center Edsa corner Ortigas, Quezon City, Philippines Tel: +63(2)9108011-13. Its president and General Manager is Jose Eduardo Yazon.

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