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Mega Manpower Corporation

Posted on September 8, 2009 | 1 Comment on Mega Manpower Corporation

Mega Manpower Corporation’s existence stems from the belief that Filipinos are remarkable workforce and that there is a vast land of opportunities in exporting this brilliant manpower quality. This together with essential working principles has made Mega Manpower Corporation name a trusted one in the industry today. Mega Manpower Corporation provides a range of professional services to a notable list of long-standing clients, many of which are renowned cream of the crop in their respective industries. Mega Manpower Corporation, the Medical Services Division has a reputation for excellence in the field of recruiting, selecting, interview training, coaching, and consulting. Mega Manpower Corporation, the Medical Services Division has successfully connected the right people to the right jobs at the fastest time. The company is strictly guided by the proven procedures in the conduct of recruitment, screening, and selection of candidates for pre-qualification prior to the final selection of the client.

Mega Manpower Corporation
Room 405 Gedisco Terrace
1148 Roxas Boulevard Ermita,

Telephone Nos. +63 2 522-6657  / +63 2 522-2836
Fax Nos. +63 2 404-3322 / +63 2 325-0350

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    I want to apply as a medical/surgical nurse.Looking forward to your immediate reply.Thank you.

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