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Medtivia is the leader in providing highly qualified, licensed Filipino nurses to staff US hospitals. Medtivia is an international nurse staffing agency that specializes in the recruitment, training, and timely delivery of carefully screened registered nurses from the Philippines. Our sole purpose is to build your medical facility’s permanent nursing staff through temp to perm and permanent placement of nurses. All our nurses arrive with a “green card” and applicable state licensure for full-time nurse employment. Medtivia has the unique advantage of having the largest Philippines based recruitment, education, and placement operation of any international nurse staffing agency in the industry. Medtivia’s Filipino Nurse Staffing Program Offers: 1. Temp to perm and permanent nurse placements 2. Large pool of carefully screened highly qualified nurses from the Philippines 3. Proven track record of on-time placement with hundreds of Filipino nurses placed in the US annually 4. Dedicated, full service client support throughout the recruitment, clinical, and placement processes 5. Full service support for our Filipino nurses throughout immigration, assimilation, and training 6. Control of every aspect of process from start to finish 7. Significantly reduced nurse placement timeframe Medtivia’s comprehensive Assimilation Program provides our Philippines nurses with the clinical, cultural, and community training necessary to accelerate the transition into the US and into your hospital.
Location: International Quality Healthcare Professional Connection, L.L.C. DBA Medtivia One Riverway, Ste 1700 Houston, TX 77056 Toll Free: 1 (800) 515-7508 Phone: (713) 297-7508 Fax: (713) 297-7555

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