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Established in 1988 to respond to the nursing shortage, Maxim Healthcare Services carries with it a rich tradition of providing superior service. Their company has grown from a small team of eager Recruiters to a corporation with satisfied clients in nearly every corner of the nation. The success behind the evolution of Maxim’s growth is their demand for excellence in recruitment, retention, and customer care. Their performance history speaks for itself and their clients can rest assured that the future brings with it new opportunities for continued success. Maxim is proud to provide integrated healthcare solutions to clients with a variety of needs. While serving as a complete industry resource, Maxim understands that each of their service lines requires a unique focus. This specialized approach demonstrates their awareness and commitment to each niche of the clinical and administrative healthcare. Their comprehensive healthcare services include: – Allied Health Staffing – Facility Staffing – Flu & Wellness Services – Government Services – Health Information Services – International Nursing – Home Healthcare – HME/Pharmacy Services – Habilitation Services – Physician Services – Travel Nursing – Workforce Management
Location: Maxim Healthcare 5100 California Avenue Suite 110, 1st Floor Bakersfield, CA 93309 USA Phone: (661) 322-3039 Fax: (661) 322-2831

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