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JARK Healthcared Recruitment

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Established in 1996 JARK recruitment is a privately owned and well established employment business that has experienced consistent growth throughout the UK and now into Europe. This has been achieved by using our vision and core values as every day tools and the basis of our working ethic. Their healthcare, NHS approved, is supplying recruitment solutions dedicated for the healthcare sector providing all skills from Doctors, Nurses and care workers to hospital cleaners and porters. Jark has full coverage of the United Kingdom and specializes in workers across the healthcare spectrum. Jark supply to many large NHS trusts across the UK as well as privately run nursing homes and care institutions.
Location: Jark Healthcared Recruitment Holly Cottage Knoll Close Redgrave Suffolk IP22 1QX England Tel: 01379 898 472 Fax: 01379 898 248

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